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Step 1.

Gather the necessary materials:



    ~ Old magazines

~ Masking Tape


~ Sustainable Bamboo Dowel Rods


     ~ Assorted Color File Folders


                  ~ Balloon Sticks


             ~ 100Lb. Cardstock

Step 2.

Look through the magazines and cut out an array of images. Choose various gender images of faces, arms, hands, torsos, legs, feet, and facial features. You can also find images of animals, robots, or other creatures.


Step 3.

Choose images from what was cut out and organize them on the folder or cardstock.


Step 4.

Glue the collage down on the folder and then cut out around the character.



Step 5.

Attach the rod to the back of your character. Use two ‘L’ shaped pieces of masking tape on the rod attached to the top and bottom of the back of the puppet's head. This will allow for the puppet to move more freely.


MV3exquisite4a.png MV3exquisite4.png

Step 6.

Sit at a table and have fun playing with your creature. Give it a name and personality. Share the fun with a friend or classmate!



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